Reddy Teddy

Reddy Teddy

One of the characters in Zombified has a run in with some visitors of the half dead variety. {Featured on The Zombie Run}

Ted listened for the knocking sound again. Leaving the safety of their hideaway had been a stupid move. Hearing the knock on the school doors gave him hope. He couldn’t let someone leave without knowing they were there.

Stopping after he turned the corner he heard something groan low and terrifying. Looking down at his feet he saw movement in the dark. With trembling hands he pointed his flashlight at the ground and stared in horror.

Dragging herself along the ground was what was left of Mrs. Cochran. Her legs had been chewed off so slithering was the only way she could get around. Gagging he covered his mouth as he saw the jagged remnants of them dragging behind her. Her clothes were torn, her eyes were wild, and she looked hungry to Ted. The low groan came from her again as she reached out a blood covered hand and wrapped it around his ankle.

“Oh hell no,” Ted jerked away from her, and looked towards the heavy doors prepared to run outside. Noticing the doors were open he tilted his head confused. Had the rescuer entered the building already?

Thinking he should move away from Mrs. Cochran just in case she tried to slide up to him again he inched along the wall looking quickly back and forth. He didn’t want to be surprised again. He wondered where Cassie and Brett were, he felt sure they would be right behind him.

Walking slowly he let out a less than manly squeal when he slipped in something slippery causing his back to slide painfully down the wall. His legs spread at an odd angle and he tried to use the wall to straighten himself back up. Hoping that it wasn’t the rescuers blood that he slipped in, he turned the light towards the floor once more. Mrs. Cochran’s low groans were further away now, and he was happy he had put some distance between them. Sure enough the crimson liquid the light revealed was fresh blood.

He had to get back to the safe room before anymore of the gray skinned people spotted him. They might not be as handicapped as Mrs. Cochran. Obviously the one who had gotten the rescuer wasn't a rookie in the killing department.

Turning back his eyes fell upon a figure shuffling towards him faster than he liked. The man looked an awful lot like the PE teacher Mr. Burns, but he was gray, and his arm was twisted at a weird angle. It hung limply at his side, and his groan was a lot more menacing then Mrs. Cochran’s had been. Faced with running past him and giving away their hideaway or running away from him and into more trouble he hesitated too long and Mr. Burns was on him.

He struggled but crushed beneath the gym teacher's weight he couldn’t hold him off any longer. Giving up he squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the man’s teeth sink into his neck.

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