Monday, October 5, 2015

My Reactions to the 2nd Episode of Fear the Walking Dead

Remember this is not a review just my thoughts as I watch. This one was for Episode two.
I know she told her to go home, but did she have to walk? I thought she rode the bus?

Please tell me that’s her house.

No I’m thinking it’s not.

Of course she didn’t go home. Of course Matt’s sick. What’s he looking for heroin?

AND Matt is bitten.

People are dumb, why would they get off the bus if a guy had to be shot 20 times why would you get off?

They shouldn’t separate!

Going back to the high school for drugs mama.


Why do the police know more than everyone else?

TOBIAS is creeping around the school.

Alisha is kind of dumb.

Perfect the protest is conveniently being broadcast right to her living room.

Honestly Tobias is pretty smart even though he was creepy.

There is no help for Artie you dumb bitch!


Good job Madison!

Again, Tobias is so smart.

Creepy masks!

Travis is such a good step dad checking on Nick.

Zombies are starting to pop up, let’s loot and burn it all down.
Nice dramatic candle blow out

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