Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Reactions to the 1st Episode of Fear the Walking Dead


My review is not a recap just so you know.
It’s just my thoughts…
For some reason my AMC had subtitles so I
saw and heard every faint clang and faint
I really want to know if he is wearing
Gloria’s cardigan.
I was not expecting him to get hit by a
car, that scared me a bit. (startled)
Nope the subtitles are way behind we’re in
the kitchen with the mom and dad and the
guy just got hit in the subtitles.
The principal or whatever saying “Thought
you were another victim,” Foreshadowing?  
assuming this is a high school with gang
activity since she asked what the blade
was for.
Tobias knows what’s up, listen to Tobias.
Was that .77 payment? She felt those coins
Wow, he went to the church. Travis is step
dad of the year!
Is the guy in the bed next to him sick
with the zombieitis??
What are they sitting on? Also is that a
heart tornado he drew.
“nature always wins” more foreshadowing!!
OR just filler??
AND immediately the nurse calls Nick a
dog! of course…
Did he put on the old man’s clothes, or
did they bring him a change?
She is just like the mom on INtervention
from last night. I have to see it, I have
to see where he’s been.
Oh no, he didn’t show up! Poor Aleicia. 
He said remain in your vehicles so they
get out, of course.
Cal seems like a stand up drug dealer.
Just kidding he was going to kill him.
All this kid does is run. 
Way to go Nick! He’s not dead. Well at least he’s not crazy.

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