Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Zombie Face! The Sequel to Zombified!

So this is just a little catch up on the series for those of you who are interested. Zombie Face is currently published on Amazon  and will soon be everywhere else as well.

Zombie Face is the 2nd in the series, but it can be read without reading Zombified.
It follows Brett who has had some of his face bitten off by Cassie the main character in the first story.

There will be a third story called Zombie Bus.
The bus was mentioned in Zombie Face but the 3rd story in the Zombified series is a full novel with one character Gina that we follow from before the virus starts to show up to the end where she finds out where it all started!

I hope you enjoy Zombified which you can get right now for .99 cents as well as the sequel!


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